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    I think that the twins were very much to be admired. Their strength, optimism and intelligence should be an example to us all.
    An example of what? an Iranian birth abnormality? a worldwide media feeding frenzy?

    liquidacid, so we know that your not simply thoughtlessly espousing feelgood words like some politician, please provide examples of the twins strength, optimism and intelligence. And please provide the basis for these examples. let me guess, you're basing everything you think you know about them on what you've consumed in the media lately.

    I'll grant you it takes some emotional fortitude (if this is what you mean by strength), but then again, they would have died without intervention. What the hell do you know about their optimism?! and what difference does it make if they were intelligent or not? And how do you know they didn't want sympathy.

    What makes you think you have the authority to speak about 2 human beings you never met, and only became aware of days ago?! don't you think thats a little weird and creepy? Do you show as much concern and compassion for the bums that peddle for change in your neighbourhood?

    your post strikes me as exactly the kind of automatistic, media-zombia, fill-in-the-blanks sentiment that drives me crazy. try thinking for yourself for a change, and come up with some type of critique of my posts that has substance.

    As for being narrow-minded, well, again, this strikes me as random use of derogatory adjectives...i tend to think my cynicism and crassness are expansive, if anything, but please do elaborate...

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    It was closed for the same reason that threads in the lounge are closed when "Thank God" someone or other is dead is posted.

    Making a joke of anyones death is in bad taste.

    If you want to start a general thread about Birth Defects, Mutations or Siamese Twins then fine......

    In this case, the 1st post closed the thread...its just that no MOD had seen it yet.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will


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