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Thread: [Request]Czone invite/account

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    Hi guys ..i can't say how long i've been longing for a Czone account/invite ...i personally find that tracker well assuring and i have no doubts about joining that site whatsoever. If anyone can invite me to Czone that'll be great and much appreciated Ill try my best to return my gratitude with a lot of giveaways to other users like me who does not have much at the moment ..but im getting there

    PS: for ratio proof and speed test, just PM me and ill provide upon request Thanks a lot all

    Wishing for: SweDVDR

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    if you make me a small movie with you testing your internet speeds on bucharest server and new york server, then you give me 2 ratio proofs, I promise i`ll give you a invitation

    P.S. MrLazy ONLY!
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