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    Hey Guys,

    Can someone help me here...frustration...steam...gettin to me. I have downloaded music and I can play them perfectly using Kazza and Windows media player. However, when I tried to burn them onto CD, the software says its burning perfectly but when I lis ten to the CD (on CD player and on computer), the track is blank i.e. cant hear anything but the counter is counting as if its playing a song.

    This has happened to me twice on different songs. Both songs are mp3 so whats wrong? Also, how can I tell during download whether a song can be burned or not?

    Many thanks

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    may be you have a problem with your hardware?
    i have burned a lot of mp3s from klite and it works perfect.
    try to burn it with Nero.

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    It isn't nessisary to use Nero. I also do alot of burning. Your problem is probably software (the program you use to put it on). If you want to continue using the same program, try going to the program's website for help.

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    The thing is, I've used the software for over a year now and have had no problems. It's just that the 2 songs, which were totally different happened to have no sound when playback. It just seems like those two songs had summat to make em not 'listenable'!!! But thanks for those who replied...I'm gonna try another software...Cheers.

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    Try Acoustica Mp3 CD Burner. It works wonders.


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