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Thread: Ask for FTN invites here !

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    Well , the new mode is writing huge threads about how you are lucky or you grandma had a new dog , and that's the right reason to get FTN .

    So , I'm sick & tired of it :]
    We have at least 4 thread like that per day.. I think it's more than enough

    I don't think the last 30 postss where lucky enough to get one...

    Really - this is not the right way.

    The odds are against you . and this is more like spam\tell you new story (also spam) than a request.

    Ok then , from now on , post all your sad FTN essays here..

    Yup Yup Yup

    (I don't have FTN , I don't think I would have , I just don't NEED it as much as you guys )

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    Go Leafs Go.

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    pointless thread.. i can foresee how much spam this one would generate.. we're better off lettnig the "i crave FTN" threads die out..


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