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    I have recently downloaded some large .exe files, Windows XP Pro, Quickbooks, etc. When I try to run them I get a DOS Window for about half a second and then nothing! There were 20+ users sharing each file so I figured they were legit. I am running XP Pro with 256 meg Ram. Is this a system problem or just a newbie mistake ????????

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    this has happened to me a couple of times. They files may have been renamed. try renaming them to .rar or .zip
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    You&#39;re likely downloading (filename).iso.exe type files. You need to have your folder options set to "show known extensions" or uncheck the box that says "hide known extensions". Then right click on the file and choose rename.

    Remove the .exe extension and leave it with the .iso extension. It&#39;s now a proper CD image file and ready to be burned as an image.


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