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Thread: Capacitor

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    Motherboard Model { 6A6LVM4A }
    Motherboard Vendor { Micro-Star International Co LTD }
    Chipset Model { VIA KT266/A Chipset }

    Amd Athlon 1700XP +
    512 DDR
    64 MB Geforce2 MX/MX 440

    I recently noticed that my computer was becomming 'sluggish' and was taking multiple attempts to boot up correctly and after reading some advice on the net I whipped off my casing and discovered that 2 capacitors were damaged. I am just wondering how i go about repairing this as i have no idea what to buy in regards to the voltage etc. Any advice would be gratefully recieved.


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    Mar 2003
    if u look on the capacitors they usually have the rating on it, its not voltage, it should be a charge, in farads, the store charge and can be used to do certain things, u.d be better taking it to an electrical repair shop or something,


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