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    I just downloaded a large 700Mb .ISO.exe application file that won't open !!!
    Corel Draw 11 - 2002 --- Do I need some utility to handle the iso file type ???


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    Even though u can, u don't open an .iso u burn that to a disc. U can use nero just go to file>burn image and go to the location of the iso. If it says no a 32 some shit like that I can't remember but u have to use winiso and extract the files out of the file. Holla at ya boy

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    Take off the .exe extention. Use Daemon Tools to open the iso up and install it to your PC. Or burn the iso to a CD using whatever burning prog U use. But take off the .exe for god's sake man!

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    change the .exe extension using explorer.
    then you can burn it.


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    why do peepz put those on em? or does kazaa just do that.. hmm

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    I think that file is corrupt. Daemon Tools, CDMage, ISOBurner - none of these can open the file.
    PS: It's after you change the extension to .iso, of course.

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    Originally posted by Wolfmight@10 July 2003 - 22:22
    why do peepz put those on em? or does kazaa just do that.. hmm
    So that when people search for software it will come up, I think older versions of kazaa did not recognize .bin, iso etc as software. I do not know if the new versions door not.


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