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Thread: Zombie Horror

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    I really knid of like zombie horror flicks. I think the best one was Night of the Living Dead(color, 1991)

    I want to watch some other flicks and I'm looking for some suggestions.

    Now, I don't really want anything too ultra cheesy, like Return of the Living Dead...

    I just watched 28 Days Later and I was impressed because it wasn't real cliche...the zombies weren't mindless stupidasses who stumbled around...they were kind of smart and real fast.

    If you know of any cool movies, will you put some of them down in this topic?


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    These are some swet zombie horrors for you mate.
    Evil Dead, not strictly zombie but the best horror film ever (1,2 and 3 Army of Darkness) 2 Is the best
    Cannibal Ferox
    Cannibal Holocaust
    Dawn of the Dead (some fools stuck in a mall when all zombie hell is breaking loose outside) the bomb
    That should get you started.

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    I actually have Evil Dead, and while it IS entertaining, it's not really what I'm looking for. Evil dead is sort of a cult thing. I haven't seen 2 or 3 so I don't know about them

    Thank you for the other suggestions, Dawn of the Dead sounds cool, I'll go look for that one

    Anyone else?

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    Defenitely get dawn of the dead. That is a zombie classic. Day of the dead is also decent (its about some fools stuck in a missle complex trying to cure zombieism when all zombie hell is breaking loose outside). The original night of the living dead is the best by far IMO. Zombie Flesh Eaters is also a very good zombie flick.

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    Resident Evil?

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    RESIDENT EVIL!!!!!! No No No, that movie whilst fairly entertaining and nowhere near as good as the games is not worthy of being in this category. You fool.
    Thats the one i was thinking of Zombie Flesh eaters thanks papagladstone.
    Enjoy Sucka's

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    I thought 28 days later fits well in this categorie.. the only dif is that it actually explains why they are zombies. and the explanation makes sense, unlike some of these other movies.
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    well in resident evil they did explain how the zombies came to be. i thought it was a pretty good movie in a well you know horrorless era.

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    One word.....BRAINDEAD..i dled it today and watched it..
    The bloodiest zombie movie with gallons of blood in each scene...&#092;
    Unbelievable that THE peter jackssssssson directed it&#33;1

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    The Omega Man fits into this genre. Its alot like 28 days later (plot wise).

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