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    the old man in the wheel chair is dying, he's got 7 nephews doe'st know which one to leave is money too.
    so he calls them all to is 20million dollar mansion which has an helicopter pad, indoor /outdoor swimming pool's
    and tells them only one of them is going to all is money and propertys. and he has set a test for them.
    he get's all of them to line up along one side of the outdoor swimming pool
    and on the otherside he get's 7 of the sexiest women in the world totally nude to line up. then has 7 croc's released into the pool.
    right he say's not one of you is worth a damm but i'am going to give you one chance
    the first one across the croc infested pool get's all my billion's all my property's and any c*nt he want's
    there's a splash at the end a desperate swim across the pool bleeding and half alive one of them pulls himself out of the pool
    the old man wheels himself over and say's
    i did'nt think any of you had the ball's to do it.
    your going to get all my billion's and all my property's now which c*nt do you want
    the c*nt who pushed me in lol

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