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Thread: how to go abt getting ftn or sct

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    I've been on this forum for a while now, and I've noticed a huge variety of people get FTN or ScT invites. People with just 10-20 votes have invites, but sometimes people with hundreds and thousands of votes dont get invites.
    Now I really want FTN or ScT, I don't really need both but one of them would be great. I don't have any [insert reason] reason to ask for this, I'm asking because I am a good member of the Torrent community, of FST and all my trackers.
    So, my questions are, how do I go about making friends here? I've already given out free invites, but how else? I can't really show myself as trustworthy very easily. And if at all possible, can someone invite me to either of those sites?

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    just give out more invites, be active here, and help out other people. While doing it you will make friends

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    What ^^ he said. The more active you are, not necessarily in giveaways, but just being helpful and starting up new conversations... the more likely it will be that someone will remember your name.


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