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Thread: What program do you use Vob to mpeg or avi ?

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    Hi Guys

    I have a few DVD's in vob format that I want to reduce to avi or dvix or mpeg.

    I have never done it (not a virgin tho)

    Is there a good tutorial on how to do this

    Or what are some good programs to do this with.



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    Thanks for that.

    But is the only program you all use ?



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    I use "Virtual Dub Mod Aud-X Enabled" its freeware and will open vob's, ogm and mkv files, the latter are the container type files (similar to winrar for video) that can have multiple audio and subtitles. I like the aud-x version cause it supports ac3 audio out of the box.

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    I used the Gordian Knot suite. It took a little while to figure out but once you do you get some nice quality rips.

    Here is a guide -
    and another -

    Links to download the software are in the first guide.

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    Might have to tweek the program to your taste but I've used it..Super

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    I use AutoGordianKnot. And to convert to DVD, easy wmv to DVD converter, easy RMVB to Dvd converter...

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    If you would like to try Virtual Dub with Aud-X, go to ( and click on the download page, there you will find both the aud-x codec and the V Dub program built especially for aud-x (both free). There is also a help page for stuff like installation and converting a dvd to one big VOB with 5.1 sound and then using the aud-x enabled V Dub to make a 700mb avi from it with 5.1 surround sound. I used the dvd to avi tutorial but used dvd shrink instead of dvd decrypter because the dvd I used had the theatrical trailer and directors cuts both on the same dvd and decrypter sees only one file but shrink sees both separately. Then i just selected only the 5.1 english sound and selected uncompressed. It made a 6gig file but it didn't matter cause when I calculated the proper bitrate for the convertion to avi, the file came out right around 700mb easily. Now I have all 4 Alien episodes (actually I calculated for 1075mb each to fit four on one dvd) on one dvd to play in my divx compatible dvd player and I have 5.1 surround sound to boot. V Dub is a non install program, you just extract the zip file to Program Files and then select the exe file and "send to desktop create shortcut" so you can launch it from there.


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