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    I was wondering how much is a 3dfx card or a voodoo card.Or if a geforce or radeon card is better.Because me game of impossible creatures is freezing a lot.And can you get a 3d video card on kazaa lite?If this is a wrong topic for this forum mods can move it to a better forum for which has a higher response.Thank You For Your Help.

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    No, you can't "download" a video card on kazaa or anywhere else. VooDoo's are not made anymore but are still good cards. If you happen to see one for $15 or so then grab it. You need to search the web and research new graphics cards and capabilities to determine what's best for you.

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    Just so you know note a card is hardware not software. That is why you cannot download it. i.e. monitor, harddrive, motherboard these are hardware same as the card you want. Hope this helps.

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    download a 3D card? this thread has "troll" written all over it.

    edit: or "spam," if you prefer.


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