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Thread: ubuntu

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    1 - i have a frequent diconnection on internet after 2,3 min in ubuntu when i use the inbuilt pppoe dial this i very frustrating

    2 - how do make shortcut on the desktop for the dialer like the rasdial in windows i have to type commands in the terminal
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    The question is do you want to attack the problem with the reconnecting tool or do you wish to attack it head on and figure out why it's dropping every 3 minutes.

    You can use a cronjob to check for a dropped connection, but if you loose it every 3 minutes, that might not be a great solution.

    You could try to implement this method: click
    And set the crontime to 1 minute, but it will remain shaky.

    So if I were you, I would try to figure out what's wrong with my connection. Is it wireless?

    Questions, Questions...

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    for 1 - try disabling ipv6 on ubuntu
    for 2 - first right click and "create shortcut" , then move shortcut to desktop

    hope helps


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