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Thread: Two Dumb Question?

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    Could someone tell me how kb's translates into Mb's - for example if a file is
    143769 kb how big would it be in Mb's?

    Second question: What are hashes?

    Sorry for the dumb questions .



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    there are 1012KB in a MB, but for all practical reasons, we can just assume there are 1000. So to answer your question, 143769KB is equivilant to roughly 143MB.

    Hashes are links that people post that are the data for kazaalite files. When you click on a hash link, the file is automatically added to your traffic. This is mostly to find files that are not on your supernode, or are very rare. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else can explain in more depth what hashes are.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply - it was decent of you - and a big help.

    I thought I could more or less divide by 1000 but I wasn&#39;t sure.

    As for the hashes, I think I&#39;ve got it but should anyone add more details about what and how it&#39;s done that would be great too.

    Again - thanks - much appreciated


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    actually there are 1024 KB in a MB. if you want to find how many MB&#39;s a file is, just divide the KB by 1024, and you will have an exact size in megs.

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    Thanks &#39;dg&#39; - I&#39;ll write the formula down so I don&#39;t forget it . As you&#39;ve probably guessed I&#39;m used to dealing in Mb&#39;s so translating the info provided in a K-lite search threw me a bit.

    Take care



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