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Thread: TorrentFreak News Updates

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    "It’s great to have access to a huge library of media via your torrent client, no one can deny that, but for many users BitTorrent is more than just a functional tool. It’s become an addictive hobby, with puzzles to solve and treasures to find."
    Source: BitTorrent Addiction: The Thrill of the Chase

    " has experienced some massive growth over the past year. The number of visitors went up from less than a million per day to 3 million, and to keep everything running smoothly the server park nearly tripled from 7 to 19 servers."
    Source: Servers and Traffic: 2006 vs 2007

    "After being a relative safe-haven for file-sharers, the sharing of porn is becoming the latest target for increased legal action. Following on from promised action against people involved in mainstream porn, a leading distributor of gay porn is now flexing its muscles against those it accuses of infringing its copyrights."
    Source: Crackdown on File-Sharers Trading in Gay Porn

    "Pirate Parties around the world are protesting against a recent Net censorship proposal by EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini. Frattini has recently been urging ministers at the European Union to consider censoring certain search keywords in a bid to curb terrorism."
    Source: Pirates say ‘Narrgh’ to EU Terrorism Censorship
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