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Thread: Newb question

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    Betcha guys just love these, don't you? :p

    Anyway, I'm trying to switch over from torrents, because frankly.. this is just better. But anyway, I've already used up my monthly quota apparenly from my ISP.. which was already like, 1 gig. I've done a ton of searching for good free servers but have come up empty handed. I can connect to some, but none of the downloads actually WORK. Does anyone know of any? Thanks.

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    trust me free servers suck get giganews or newsdemon always fast connection and long rentition gignews 200 days and newsdemon 110 days and just make sure that if your isp limits your p2p speed to get giganews or newsdemon enctrpytion package i have giganews and they are great i just downloaded something that was 170 days old and still have the files complete

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    People will not normally post re free servers as generally they have a short shelf life. However there is a very good server that has been posted here. I suggest you read the forum a little more
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    In general the free servers don't cover the binaries groups where you will be doing most your downloading from. This is because the large amount of bandwidth / storage required and cost associated to this. The best bet as others have said is just signup for giganews or the like - though it does cost it will save you a lot of time and hassle in the end. Not to mention be a lot faster too

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    Some servers have a free trial that doesn't require credit cards. Look around the forum, there are few posted. There is one called Xlned that have a 7 day trial with no dl limit (Windy posted a while ago ). If you are new to newsgroups, give it a shot, there may be incomplete issues with it.

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    Make sure that you dont pay for a newsgroup service to find that your ISP caps you. Change ISP first if thats the case.

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    Well, thanks everyone. I guess I'll keep looking


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