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Thread: have level 8

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    Mar 2007
    i have acc fresh level 8

    any offer

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    So someone gave you a SweDVDR invite, after they opened invites for only 7 days, and only to users with I believe 1TB uploaded, and now you trade it?

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    I guess he didn't like the tracker and now he wants his inviter to be disabled as he was kind enough to invite him.

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    i dont think u can trade swedvdr...because i think they log ur isp and dont let u seed from another isp...well at least thats what happened to me..

    2007-09-30 - Personlig IP-Log

    För att ni ska känna er tryggare med erat konto kan alla se sin egna IP-Log på sin profil.
    Huvudsyftet är att du direkt kan se ifall någon obehörig besökt ditt konto.
    Om du upptäcker något misstänksamt.. byt lösenord och kontakta oss så vi kan reda ut det.


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