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Thread: Need New Sound Card

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    any suggestions ?

    i need a sound card that is a dolby digital prologic 5.1 that can take 5 speakers (front right, front left, front centre, rear left, rear right) and a Sub.

    Im looking for one under Au$200.

    I have the speakers and the sub (one of those that has built in Amp in the sub and speakers plug into sub) But the only problem is that the bult in amp is only full range and doesnt cross the speakers over to what they are meant to be. I have to find a sound card that will cross them over to what they are meant to be including a lowpass filter for the sub.

    So if you guys can help me out please do because i have never purchased a sound card i just have been using onboard.

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    How much is 200 Au in GB pounds or american dollars?
    I think the very cheapest 5.1 sound card u can get is the Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital at 22 quid. For a bit more money (about 40 quid) i saw this review of the Hercules Fortissimo here which sounds quite promising. Even tho u can't take full advantage of the 7.1 i think its still quite a good buy. Edit: (In that article they also say that the one up would be the Audigy 2 at about 90quid)

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    get a Sound Blaster Audigy card, you&#39;ll be able to get the standard card for about &#036;200aus

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    Im thinking of getting a sound blaster because they are popular.

    I dont know if they are actuall prologic decoders or are just 6 channel sound cards most review sites dont say much about it.

    And the bad thing is you cant buy one, try it and return it if its not what you wanted.

    If ne one has a Sound Blaster Audigy card can you please tell me if it does what i want it to do ? and can i control each speaker like the Phillips Acoustic Edge ??

    I was going to buy the Acoustic Edge but is a bit to expensive

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    Yes, the Audigy 2 soundcard does handle Dolby Digital 6.1.

    Get the Audigy2 manual here. It&#39;ll tell you all you need to know.

    I&#39;ve got it and highly recommend it, particularly if you are into gaming. It cost me 80.

    If you do end upbuying it, ensure and get the latest drivers. The improvement of sound quality is immediately apparent.

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    yea i have sound blaster audigy 2 and i have a 7.1 sorround sound speakers with a big ass subwoffer

    I personally love it i got it for 300&#036;
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