All right people!


I'm offering you a Scenetorrents (ScT) account+mail, I dont want to tell the exact ratio/stats but it is at least 800 GB buffer and could be up to 1.7 TB buffer.

Now, I'm looking for an account at OiNK. I want around 500 GB buffer... I'll take the best offer. I need that space because of FLAC files.

If you have an offer, send me a PM. 100-200 GB buffer ain't gonna cut it, just so you know. I wont give away the account. I ONLY want OiNK and nothing else. I will use a middleman or You go first. I got scammed bigtime here at FST before so I'm will not make that mistake again.
Anyone got any pointers about this deal, you could also send me a friendly pm.

I will now lock this thread. Contact in PM.
Thank you.