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Thread: ***how Long Can Be A Pc On***

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    iam asking this cuz in the morrning when iam d/ling somethin there is not that much sources but in the night i get peritty good speed but then i think about ma pc, i on it from 9 in tha morrning till 10 in the night.

    so i need ur suggistion

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    Your PC lives longer if you do not shut it down much..its better to keep it online 24/7 unless there is a an rain storm or tornadoes or something...shutting down and restarting shortens its live...and the reason you get better sources at night is because if u live here in america..lets say itds 11 pm....well in places like england they are awake to because its probably like 7 am so thats the time that the most people are on Kazaa.

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    i like to leave my pc on durring thunderstorms i hope it breaks so my dad whill buy a new one

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    lol twister. i left my pc for 48 hrs straight and everything slow down. not d/l but programs. like it take forever to load sometin after it been on for more than 24hrs. and if i burn a vcd, the vcd will freeze during playback and then resume then freeze at a regular interval. but if its off for the ngiht everthing including the vcd is fine. should i get better cooling or what.

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    My PC is on 24/7.

    Only time i switch her off is to upgrade.

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    do u have a liquid cooler cause that is the best thing that could keep u running and sometimes or all the time run faster since its all "COLD"

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    Originally posted by NMO@10 July 2003 - 23:38
    My PC is on 24/7.

    Only time i switch her off is to upgrade.
    Same here. Probably not the best thing for it but oh well!

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    how much energy does a computer use compared to other electronices (miss spelled oh well)
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    u should leave your pc on all the time because of thermal damage thats done to the eletronics as they heat up as long as you got good fan and clean off any dust once in while leaving your pc on will make it last longer.
    u can put your pc in a low power mode by using the power options in your control panel

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    i know it says you can turn of the hard drive in a certain amout of time but i didnt know it affect the power.
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