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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead

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    Please please please will someone give me a verified hash to Dawn of the dead.

    I have searched for it endless times but I have never ever ever found it.


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    i had it, but anyway is not a hard file to find
    (me and my old buddies from college love that movie)

    i dont think you will have that much of a problem...

    or thanx to djbenz

    Fileawn of the Dead 139m Director's Cut DVDRip [DJBenz] DiVX5.avi
    Length:733016064 Bytes,715836KB

    This is the 139 minute Director's Cut of the movie. This is the longest official version of the film. There is a 156 minute movie released on german DVD, but the soundtrack is german too and I'm pretty sure it's not an official release. DiVX 5 Codec required.

    Fileawn of the Dead Argentos Cut DVDRip [DJBenz] DiVX5.avi
    Length:733798400 Bytes,716600KB

    This is a slightly shorter version of the movie, edited by Italian Horror Director Dario Argento for faster pacing with all the gore intact, but some of the dialogue scenes edited down. This is quite a rare cut of the movie. DiVX 5 Codec required.

    Both versions : Here

    I only keep 3 slots open for people to download from me, so if anyone has an FTP they would like me to upload this to for faster sharing, please let me know.

    I'm currently in the Process of ripping Document of the Dead, the Documentary about Romero's work. I'll follow that up with another Romero film Bruiser.

    but, good luck....

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    shouldnt this be in reuests???

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    yea very easy 2 find -- lots of sources 2

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    Well in the time your bitchin i found it and downloaded it...

    Ya it was easy....

    Fileawn of the Dead (DVDrip.DivX).avi
    Length:724672512 Bytes,707688KB



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