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Thread: Tom Brokaw Says The Dreaded "c" Word

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    Tom Brokaw says the dreaded "C" word live on NBC Nightly News April 24, 2003. Click Here to see the video. WARNING: Contains Graphic Language,Viewer Discretion Is Advised!

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    does he say tax "C"ts

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    tax (Unts) is the answer

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    I think that tax cunts is the answere.

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    i dont think tax cuts or cunts are the answer
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    It&#39;s funny that he decided not to try and correct himself.

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    I think brokaw is talking about the PEOPLE who tax us... an anonymous group called "The Tax C*nts"

    HEY.. they say Area 51 doesn&#39;t exist? I say that site is only supossed to DISTRACT US from the real site..

    Maybe yet again it&#39;s the work OF: The Tax Cun*s&#33;

    could be a name for a punk band too.. who knows?

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    Originally posted by ScotchGuy@11 July 2003 - 10:31
    It&#39;s funny that he decided not to try and correct himself.
    Ya you could tell he realized it, then just went on. Very nice post, very funny.


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