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Thread: Kazaa's Traffic Falls

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    --RIAA Will Pursue More File Traders
    (1 July 2003)
    The Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) announcement that
    they plan to aggressively pursue action against people who trade
    copyrighted files on line seems to have little effect on use of the
    file-sharing services. Some users have taken precautions, like turning
    the file-sharing feature off in their software. Some file-sharing
    services have said they plan to employ methods to keep file-sharers'
    identities anonymous.,1294,59448,00.html

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    I just hope people dont start cutting off all their uploads cus there afraid. That would suck. I for one don&#39;t use anything to protect myself. Peerguardian ends up blocking innocent people instead. If i didnt like someone i could submit their ip to peerguardian and they would get cut off.. that sucks.
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    I wonder if this should have been posted in "RIAA Talk" damn n00b mods
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