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Thread: Are You Looking For ScT?

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    Yes Sir, I'm Right On It!!

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    Need to say“s SgtMajor !!

    Awesome giveaway......and good luck worthies ...

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    Damn, this is awesome, if I only could find my post lol

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    u r really generous man SgtMajor

    as u can see
    i request in JAs thread but i didn't won

    i realy need invite for SCT
    i never had an acc b4
    i sware it's for my own use no trade
    i make a lot of giveaways here

    so if u can trust me and give me an invite
    it will be greatly appericiated

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    At home!
    394 be honest, i havent recently participated in any of the giveaways in the last 3 weeks or so. Why? because i didnt have internet for the last 3 weeks.

    Well, i have participated before in giveaways for ScT, but to no avail, i haven't been lucky.

    I have made some small giveaways in the past (even though some thread titles say "Trade btmusic" or watever, but they were ultimately given away.

    I really want, not need ScT and FTN. Those are the only two sites i seek now. ScT, here is my chance. Getting lucky isn't for me, even though i have a green shirt with a clover in the middle taht says "Feelin' Lucky?" it is quite the contrary for me when i wear that shirt. At the moment i am not wearing that shirt so it should be a little bit better.

    Also, i can keep a good ratio since i have access to my university's connection which is open 100mbit.

    Hopefully I am not disqualified since i havent posted in JA's thread. Mainly the reason is because i didnt have internet for 3 weeks since yesterday.

    Wish me Luck!!

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    far away from jelly
    maybe this could be my luckiest day ever...

    i got an invite to revolt earlier as you saw sgtmajor and i asked for it in the JA thread but he didnt give it to me, it was someone else who noticed me so im not sure if that counts or not. basically i got what i wanted but i didnt win from JA. heres my post:

    i have never had ScT before and i'd like to think i help out as much as i can around these boards, i mean i do give every invite i have to these boards and they have all been given for free. also i can promise that evetually i will buy invites from sct and give them out to very trusted people like you do. thanks and i hope i qualify
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    Sgt, you rock!
    GL guys..

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    why I haven't post in that thread?

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    sear's Avatar Feeling Clamy BT Rep: +3
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    @asymoc, this has nothing to do with SgtMajor's giveaway which is very nice btw /me tips his hat... but rather just so to let know that RVT is the SysOp for Revolt

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    Here is my post SgtMajor. I did not win nor have I ever had a ScT account.

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