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Thread: Pc Freezes

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    just installed a new motherboard. I think i have plugged the front panel cables in wrong as the power and reset buttons are acting weird. How do i know which way round to put them. Which end is anode/cathode????

    PCboots up and can log onto xp but after varying amounts of time (normally within 10 mins) the pc freezes and i can't do anything. I don't get the blue death screen but the display just freezes. Any ideas anyone?

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    looks like 2 separate problems, the anode/cathode wiring of the switches shouldn't really matter i think as they're just short or open circuit led's that don't come on mean that u've wired them backwards tho.

    Your pc crashing after 10 mins is probably more serious, are u sure u attached the heatsink and fan properly (and did u use any thermal compound?) as the cpu might be overheating. u might also have caused some minor damage to some component when u were handling them. (RAM is usually a good bet)
    Theres software out there that can do checks on ram and cpu temperature, but I don't know any offhand, do a search of this section (or softwareworld) of the board and if u can't find anything try google or wait till someone volunteers some program names.

    Edit: After ur pc crashes does it work immediately after restarting? and does it again take 10 mins to crash?


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