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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead Remake

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    Just checking out the IMDB boards - as u do

    came across a Horror fav of mine Dawn of the Dead... Saw that they r making a remake -- Sounded intresting until i read the following

    Sweet jesus -- What a load of shit this movie sounds like... -- It sounds like Blasphemy 2 George Romero's amzaing zombie movies...

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    dawn of the dead??!?! was this the movie in the shopping centre. and it had that zombie that had his head cut off my a helicopter that was funny

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    yes that's the movie -- best zombie movie ever

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    ye that was a good movie. it came on TV ages ago. i think i mite still that on VHS when i taped it

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    u should dl the movie of kazaa -- I guarantee u will luv it

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    Tryin to download 'Dawn of..' now but shit the sources are crap givin me like 2.0/3.0kb at a time (not good)..coz its a great friggin movie..Metrostars is 'Day of..' on Kazaa anyplace????
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    i got the movie on VHS at a wal mart for 3.99 great buy, but i wish it was the dvd.
    Thanks for the link to the remake it sounds really good to me, what actors are in the movie? none set yet?

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    Night of the Living Dead

    Dawn of the Dead

    Day of the Dead

    there all on kazaa i got Dawn of the Dead pretty dam quick it had loads of sources...

    I think the Dawn of the Dead remake sounds total muck

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    There was also a remake of Night of the Living Dead a few years ago.

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    N o t l d remake was pretty shitty in my opinion..

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