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Thread: Gta Vc Instructions

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    I finally got the verified VC files to download, but now I've lost track of the thread that gives the instructions to burn the discs. Anybody have that link?


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    OK, forget the link....does anybody know how it's done?

    I've got the 2 .bin and 2 .cue files. What's next?

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    Would info from the guy who posted them help, I think so, this is what u do and u don't know how tired i am of .bins & .cues. I should u make u search for this but i am willing to help. All u do is use nero and go to file>burn image go to the location of your .cue & .bin file they have to be in the same folder then just clik ok and it will burn. Holla at ya boy

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    I did run a few searches and I scrolled through the last month of posts on the board I thought it was one, but didn't have any luck.....there are 500 threads with "GTA Vice City" in the title.

    I'll give it a try.


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