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Thread: Installing 2 Os

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    how would i go about installing both windows xp and me plz help ??

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    If you have Win ME installed now, you'll need partition magic 6 or 8. PM 7 won't work with ME normally.
    Resize your existing partition to 10 or 12 gig (less if you don't have the room, a little more if you do) Create a new partition and format it NTFS. You'll need 6 gig minimum for a decent XP setup. In win Me, start the XP CD and choose new install. In advanced options choose "copy all" and "I want to choose where" . when the copying is done and the computer restarts, it'll copy a bit more and then ask which partition to install to. Click on the new NTFS partition. XP may not like the format that partition magic did. that's ok, just let XP format it again.
    The rest is pretty straight forward. At network options, uncheck file and printer sharing unless you plan to run netmeeting or allow remote access to your computer. Right click on TCP/IP or highlight it and choose properties/advanced . Under the WINS tab, check "disable netbios over TCP". It's a protocol you won't need and it's a security risk.
    When it's installed and started you'll need to update any patches and install a better firewall right away, then antivirus, then configure services, security, and logging. BlackViper can give you some ideas on that.

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    carefull when configureing the xp services.. might need some and u dont even know it


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