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Thread: NB and CZone Pre-times and speeds

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    In terms of pre-time and speed, which is tracker is better: NB or CZone?

    Are most of their pre-times within 5-10 minutes? And about how many seeders (average) are on a recent uploaded xvid torrents?

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    NB is not a pretime-tracker, since it includes both scene and non-scene stuff. All movies, all apps and all games is bound to have norwegian subs or language, so films are often days after pre, cause someone got to make a custom norsub to said film.

    However, iNT rips, NORDIC DVDr etc is often up within decent time


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    Vidde already answered your question. I guess, czone also does not make a difference cause most contain Romanian subtitles, though i have seen some HD stuff and xvids with good pre-times.

    Edit: Forgot to add, czone is the best in speed, even compared with many others.
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    regarding NB , Vidde explained perfectly and about C-zone , well their pre-times depend exclusively on how fast they steal the fresh torrents from TL/ScT/PT. All the content is taken from other foreign trackers. About the speed is decent , they pass 60 000 peers every day


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