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Thread: My Power Button broke (but no wires are cut)

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    two wires make up my (naked) power button on my PC. the 'button', if you want to call it that anymore, is not behind the conventional circular button anymore, but consists of two wires, a plastic casing that the two wires go into, and two copper-like metal above the two wires protruding out of the plastic casing.
    here is a rough picture i just made in gimp, since i don't have a camera..

    this is the 'thing' that the previously mentioned black box slides into..

    i know this is a long shot. the model of the pc might help. it is a Sony Vaio, RS PCV-RS720G.

    *edit* here is the black box in a little more detail:
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    oh dear god, those diagrams are brutal... actually hurts my eyes looking at em.

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    15,388 what's the question?

    If you want to repair the button, you'll have to come up with the parts from SONY (which will be a real PITA and probably not worth the aggro).

    If you just want a workaround, then any momentary contact switch will do.

    Most manufacturers have a dummy button- the part you actually touch- that is incorporated into the front bezel. These are usually heat welded in place and typically very difficult to fix...easier to replace the whole front bezel.
    This dummy button makes contact with the real switch, usually affixed to the front inner case chassis.
    These are sometimes easy to replace depending on the style but sometimes they are as proprietary as the dummy switch.

    Your PC, being a SONY, is probably as proprietary as it gets.

    I'd just get a generic momentary switch and let it hang out the front.
    Not pretty, but functional.

    I applaud your attempts to hand draw a very complex part but the images made my eyes bleed and I'll have to lie in a dark room all day now...
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    it was late, very late. i just finished an enlish paper, which totaled 23 pages. i went to bed extremely frustrated because none of my torrents could be on.
    the funny thing is, and it's rather embarrassing to share (as if the pictures don't already put me to shame), the next morning i went back to the power switch only to find that i must have pulled out the chord out of my motherboard!
    very mad at myself indeed.

    but yeah this naked setup needs to change

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    Just touch the wires together momentarily then take them apart (don't leave together or the pc just goes right back off ) to start it, incase you don't know that you can start it this way.

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    just like stealing a car


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