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Thread: Avi/vcd Header Trick!

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    This is a call to all real VCD encoding buffs, and before i begin i've checked most of the big sites but aint seen nothin', but theres no harm in asking in the kazaa forum..Is there anyway of just takin' an Avi. and plonking it onto a Vcd/Svcd without encoding? (its just that my PC is like a calculator and takes weeks to convert)..I know theres a DVD player made by KISS that will play divx/avi but i was just wonderin' if there was maybe a Header trick that u could do..Coz my standalone player plays everything (vcd,cdr,cdrw,dvdrw..etc..), cheers in advance!!!
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    sounds impossible

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    Originally posted by EnJoi@10 July 2003 - 23:54
    sounds impossible
    it is

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    A couple of things.
    1)If you do not produce a compliant program stream, your standalone dvd player will not play the file(s). Your dvd player will accept mpeg(VCD) and mpeg2(SVCD&DVD) program streams.

    2)Even if you could "trick" your dvd player into playing an avi file(it's not possible because of the hardware inside the player) would you want to risk damaging the player?

    3)Avi confuses alot of people. AVI stands for audio video interleave and refers to something like "switching back and forth" of audio and video information. AVI is a "container" for other formats such as MPEG or divx. It is the "nature" of the avi that the dvd player will not accept.

    4)There are some standalone players, archos makes one I believe, that will play divx and other formats, it's not a matter of can it be done its a matter of how much money you are prepared to pay for it. Another problem is support. A divx(AVI) file may play correctly on your computer because your computer supports ac3 sound but will the standalone divx player support ac3 sound? If it doesn't you've got a problem. Then there are frozen frames...

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