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Thread: Need help for Ncore (not requesting for inv or trade or giveaway)

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    Yoga Novice BT Rep: +2
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    Jun 2007
    I have been invited to ncore a month ago,I still have not figure out what to enter into the page after the login page,they dont let me to go to the browse or other section - help ,i dont understand norweign

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    Polarbear's Avatar deep funk BT Rep: +5
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    Quote Originally Posted by zzzMonster View Post
    help ,i dont understand norweign
    wouldn't be a great help if you did on ncore.

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    well i have found a very simple way to change the langauge on the site from hungarian to english. you need to click on the clog wheel in the corner to get to this page.
    1 .can see what male and female fiu is male and for number 2 you need to select angola - that is english. with this changes most of the site will turn into 4 to make changes
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    Yoga Novice BT Rep: +2
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    Jun 2007
    bklyn: Thanks for your help,finally no more an idler on ncore. Sorry, 1 more thing,are those torrents with a up arrow freeleech ?

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    yes yellow up is freeleech

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    Yoga Novice BT Rep: +2
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    wow,really good tracker man,thanks

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    I figured it out but it was some kind of a hit and trial..........

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    Just to add more to this good thread.
    They also have a credit system:

    need 500 points for an invite I think. The credits are listed as "Pontjaid" I believe

    Credit system

    The primary object of the credit system is to measure users' activity and you can access certain contents (e.g. Requests, Invitation) only if you have enough credits.

    Trying to manipulate the credit system will get you immediately banned.

    At the start of nCore every user started from 0 points (everyone got 1 point for first login).

    You can gather credits for the following activities:

    - Uploading 1 torrent (after approving): 5 credits (depending on you rank, see User information in F.A.Q. for more deatils)
    - Fulfiling 1 request: 20 credits (max. 2/day, after approving by the original requester)
    - Visiting nCore once a day: 1 credit (max. 1/day)
    - Uploading 100 MBs a day: 1 credit (max. 1/day)
    - Downloading 1 GB a day: 1 credit (max. 1/day)

    Losing credits:

    - For warning: - 20 credits
    - For every other offences: - 2 credits

    You can use your credits for:

    - New request: -25 credits
    - Voting for 1 request: -1 credit (voters are notified in PM when the requested torrent is uploaded)
    - Sending 1 invitation: -500 credits

    You can't gather credits till your warning is active.
    CET is used in measuring your daily visit.
    You can't have less than 0 credits.

    You will have the opportunity to gather more points through different games later.
    Do not ask the Staff to give you credits because it gets you warned.
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