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Thread: Calling All Seedboxes For Torrent Site

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    Hello im making a torrent site and need a server for a month or so i can set up the site check for bugs ect before i send it live. My mate said if checked it and set it up i could then use his server.The site is general 0day but after 3 months will be invite online its called vapour torrents and seems like it can go far. I have staff awaiting the launch and have a pro graphics designer which ii payed for myself. The site seems very good and im using tb source code. Any replies would be good as i think it can go far as you people of fst seem the kind who may be able to assist. Regards

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    why not just install xamp or wamp and install it on your pc, and do bug testing there, then move it to a dedicated server once you know its good to go. you dont realy need a seedbox/dedicated server just for testing.

    and 1 minute its torrent trader, the next its tbdev

    on one hand your asking for a server again and on the other you have just bought a domain and a server, and a different domain that you claim in this post.

    very confusing
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    the guy pulled out look all im trying to do is launch my site i am dedicated and no wamp and xamp arent good enough i want to see how it works and change parts ect.

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    i will tell you what i did when i upgraded from BNBT to TBdev.

    got a shared host with for something like 7 a month. just dont go over 2000 peers on the tracker or you will crash it. but you can have a few members with that, then get donations, and then get yourself a dedicated server yourself and move it there.

    plenty hosts out there that will take a torrent site, some cheaper than others, but stay away from USA/UK if you possibly can.

    no one is just going to give you a seedbox, but there is plenty of hosts out there where you can get one relitavily cheap to get you started.


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