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Thread: BitTorrent Rolls Out New Delivery Tools

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    "BitTorrent, whose technology once was considered the very definition of peer-to-peer piracy, is moving toward legitimacy, cutting deals with Hollywood studios and licensed content distributors. On Tuesday, BitTorrent debuted its latest download tools on Brightcove, an Internet TV platform that serves up content for CBS, MTV, and the New York Times.

    BitTorrent's DNA solution combines peer-to-peer delivery with the control of traditional content-delivery networks, with the latest offering allowing programmers to stream video programming in a full-screen, broadcast-quality format with "profound economic efficiencies and a dramatically better user experience," said Ashwin Navin, president and cofounder of BitTorrent. Navin said the new technology will improve download speeds by up to 50 percent."

    For more information visit the source link.

    Source: Yahoo! News
    TorrentFreak: BitTorrent More Popular Than Ever, Releases Triple in a Year
    TorrentFreak: BitTorrent Streaming Service Launched - October 10, 2007
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    good news for pirates: the number of fish in the sea is growing.


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