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Thread: Bittorent Speeds suddenly really slow

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    I usually get great speeds from my private trackers when downloaded TV shows, but today, no matter what website I use, the speeds are terrible. I can easily get a 40 minute episode of Heroes in 20 minutes on BitMeTV, but today I haven't gotten over 13 kB/s. Same goes for Torrentleech. Do you think that my provider is suddenly cripperling bittorent downloads? How would I get these speeds back up?

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    Do you have encryption enabled in your torrent client?
    What provider are you using?
    Is anything else downloading in the background (windows update, etc.)?
    How is your speed when you do anything else (browse the web, etc.)?
    Wait a day and see if the speeds get any better.

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    telling us who your provider is might help a bit.

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    Woops, sorry. I'm in the UK using BT. I think I've encryption enabled, the speeds were fine before, its just today it's been a problem. Web speed seems to be fine, even when I have Azureus running. Nothing downloading in the background as far as I can tell. It's almost 10.30, so most the day has already gone, but I've still not seen any improvments in speed.

    I've just checked encyption in Azureus, and I've got Require encrypted transport ticked, minimum encyption level is RC4, and I've ticked allow non -encypted outgoing connections if encyption fails, and llow non -encypted incoming connections. I haven't ticked Use the cryptoport tracket extention.

    Thanks for the fast replys.

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    It seems like everything is fine on your end. ISPs sometimes experience slow spells. My best advice is to wait until tomorrow and if nothing gets better, call your ISP and tell them you're experiencing really slow speeds compared to 2 days ago. It probably wouldn't be in your best interest to say you're using BT, just say browsing web or online gaming or something.

    I'm not really familiar with UK providers, so I can't tell you if they employ some sort of traffic shaping utility like sandvine. You might want to check this out:

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    BT Broadband, UK

    Limits BitTorrent bandwidth: Yes

    Does this mean they try and slow down my downloading speeds? If so, it has never affected me before.

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    maybe they have just enabled it for your area. Have you tried switching ports? Also, are you allowing non-encypted, or only encrypted?
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