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    I'm not much of a hardware buff, more of a software kind of guy. Anyway, I need a new video card to support arcade style games using an emulator. Games with more complex and detailed graphics, (i.e. Mortal Kombat 2, however Street Fighter Alpha 2 runs perfectly.), are very choppy when I run them. I'm assuming it's the video card. So my question is, on my computer, what cards would be compatable, affordable, and of good quality?
    Here are my specs:

    emachines T1100 (Yeah, I know&#33
    Windows XP Home w/sp1
    1gig Intel Celeron processer
    128megs RAM
    18.6gig hard drive

    If you guys need more info, just let me know. Loke I said, not to knowlegable about hardware.

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    Before you buy a graphics card, I strongly suggest you upgrade your RAM to 384 MB or 512 MB. You're lucky to run emulators with only 128 megs of RAM and Windows XP. Upgrade your RAM asap, and I guarantee you you will see a HUGE performance difference in everything you do.

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    I agree that you definately need more RAM.

    As for your card it depends on whether you have AGP or PCI slots as to what card you can get.I know from experience that EMachines comps can be very problamatic with new cards so if your going to take it to a shop make sure they know what they are doing.There are too many shops opening up in my area that are just cowboys,so shop around.

    edit:Also check that you can upgrade to 512mb RAM,if thats what you want,as some emachines comps will only let you upgrade to 256mb.I had one of those crappy machines.But recently had a nice new one built and it is great.

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    i also have an emachine and upgrading the gfx card was a nightmare. the new card kept freeizing up th egames i play and keep crashing. and i think u have a pci slot only cuz i have a T1840 and i only have pci. so i guess if u want to newest card and the best ur best choice is the gf4 fx5200 or if u are like me and only play games occasionally and dont need everything max out, then the mx440 is a great card.

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    Thanks everyone!
    Any estimates on how much these upgrades will run me? And is it really worth the hassle?

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    The RAM is no hassle, and it is certainly more than worth it. A 512 MB Stick of PC133 SD RAM(I think your system uses that,) can be had for about $40.

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    what?!!!! 256mb pc133 for 40 buck. i got a 512mb pc2100 at pricewatch for $47.

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    dude seriously a comp with:
    256MB DDR
    32MB/64MB GPU(Radeon 7500 - 8500 are good and so are the old GF2 or GF3)

    should handle all your emulation needs with the exception of current generation consoles(i think i saw a ps2 emulator floating around )

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    Originally posted by kazaaliterock@11 July 2003 - 19:39
    what?!!!! 256mb pc133 for 40 buck. i got a 512mb pc2100 at pricewatch for $47.

    Damn, I meant 512. My mistake.


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