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Thread: Movie Freezes?

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    For some reason I have downloaded a few new movies and they all freeze at one point or another during the movie. What could be the reason for this? Thanks.

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    no wise answer, but perhaps it helps
    but I had experienced things like that after getting some funny looking blocks and patterns in avis... Sound continued , but picture got stuck....(WMP)
    Using DivX Total Pack (probably the DivX AntiFreeze Codec) helped solve that. Still see the mistakes, but movie continues playing.

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    maybe u have to many things running at one time
    it slows up ur comp

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    I had a similar problem on certain films (e.g. About Schmidt) and through GSpot realised it was a missing codec (in this case an AC3 filter through Direct Show). Try GSpot to see if there's any missing codecs. It could also be (as said above) that you have too much running at the same time. Try closing stuff down (manually and close hidden running stuff by typing msconfig in the 'run' thing on the start menu and unticking startup programs then rebooting).

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    Where the hell is the divx total pack located on the site?

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    Originally posted by physc0@11 July 2003 - 16:19
    Where the hell is the divx total pack located on the site?
    download the codec pack


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