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Thread: Winamp 5.5 Build 1640 Final

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    Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances (skins) plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins.


    * New: Bento SingleUI Skin
    * New: Auto-Tagger in File Info dialog (powered by Gracenote)
    * New: Album Art support, including new window for Winamp Modern skin
    * New: Fully translatable Localization support
    * New: WLZ (Winamp Language Zip) filetype support
    * New: Global 'playback thread priority' setting for decoders
    * New: Media Monitor and MP3 Blog site scraper (in Bento browser)
    * New: Option to set the number of lines to scroll in the Playlist
    * New: Option to not show playlist item number in classic songticker
    * New: Option to not show the playlist number in the Windows taskbar
    * New: Redesigned Installer
    * New: Run Setup switch, winamp.exe /REG=S
    * New: Unified File Editor, with Artwork tab (for mp3, m4a, wma, ogg, flac)
    * New: Version History drop-down selector and Search (in About dialog)
    * New: Winamp Toolbar for Internet Explorer (optional)

    * New: %family% ATF string for identifying filetypes
    * New: $split() ATF function for splitting x/y disc & track strings
    * New: [in_mp3] Multi-channel mp3surround support
    * New: [gen_ml] Tree Options tab in Media Library Preferences
    * New: [ml_autotag] Mass Auto-Tagger in Send-To menu (powered by Gracenote)
    * New: [ml_local] 3 pane view options in 'Add/Edit View' dialog
    * New: [ml_local] Smart View Presets
    * New: [ml_local] Album Art support/pane and retrieval service
    * New: [ml_local] Toolbar buttons to control view options
    * New: [ml_plg] Winamp Playlist Generator (powered by Gracenote MusicID)
    * New: [ml_pmp] New fields, configurable filter panes & columns, 3 pane view
    * New: [ml_pmp] Album Art view & support for iPod and P4S Devices
    * New: [ml_pmp] Separate view for video files
    * New: [vis_milk2] Milkdrop2 Visualizer
    * Improved: General misc UI/Dialog tweaks & improvements
    * Improved: Re-tuned and optimized classic Spectrum Analyzer
    * Improved: Surround indicator in Winamp Modern skin for multi-channel files
    * Improved: Classic Songticker option for Winamp Modern skin (via Config drawer)
    * Improved: [in_cdda] Conductor metadata support
    * Improved: [in_cdda] Handling of multiple discs
    * Improved: [in_flac/in_vorbis] ALBUM ARTIST & ENSEMBLE read support
    * Improved: [in_flac] Advanced Editor mode
    * Improved: [in_mod] Added support for more than 256 samples
    * Improved: [in_mp3] Faster metadata gathering (also speeds up ReplayGain scan)
    * Improved: [in_mp4] Smoother data sent to vis & other minor tweaks
    * Improved: [in_wm] Faster WMA/WMV metadata gathering
    * Improved: [gen_ff] General freeform skinning engine optimizations
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Collapsed/expanded state of treeview items now remembered
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Skinned scrollbars in Media Library for newer Modern skins
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Reordering of treeview items (via drag+drop)
    * Improved: [ml_disc] Better Unicode support & other misc tweaks
    * Improved: [ml_history] Unicode support
    * Improved: [ml_local] Customize Columns menu for top filter panes
    * Improved: [ml_local] Option to show horizontal scrollbar for top panes
    * Improved: [ml_local] New 'Podcasts' view (appears after downloading a podcast)
    * Improved: [ml_local] Added ISPODCAST and PODCASTCHANNEL field names
    * Improved: [ml_local] Added BEGINSLIKE comparison operator
    * Improved: [ml_local] Dragging of headers to sort column order
    * Improved: [ml_local] Redesigned Smart View Editor
    * Improved: [ml_local] Star Rating display and selection
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] 'Copy to Local Media' config separated from CD Ripping settings
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] Portables "Sync" can now keep podcasts updated
    * Improved: [ml_rg] ReplayGain calculation support for 64, 88.2 & 96 KHz samplerates
    * Improved: [ml_wire] Optional automatic downloading of new podcast episodes
    * Improved: [ml_wire] Multi-select, 'Send To' menu and other general enhancements
    * Improved: [ml_wire] Podcast downloads now saved in channel subfolders
    * Improved: [ml_wire] Updated podcast directory
    * Improved: [pmp_ipod] Now uses the iPod's podcast menu for podcasts
    * Fixed: 'All supported files' showing all filetypes in Open Files dialog
    * Fixed: Esc key not working in Credits & Winamp tabs of About Box
    * Fixed: Long filepaths corrupted when opening Winamp via Explorer context menu
    * Fixed: Oversized preference pages with large DPI setting
    * Fixed: Recurrence of multiple instances bug (previously fixed in 5.3)
    * Fixed: Selecting 'No' for 'Physically Remove' prompt removes playlist/mldb item
    * Fixed: TV button in video window not working
    * Fixed: Windows showing if switching from modern to classic skin in minimized state
    * Fixed: [ASX Loader] Recursive playlist loading & case-insensitive element matching
    * Fixed: [ASX Loader] Handling of entries embedded within a REPEAT tag
    * Fixed: [dsp_sps] DEP incompatibility
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] "Can't unload script while in script" error when switching skins
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] Remember ML size when switching between Modern & Classic skins
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] Transparent docked toolbars for skins using alpha-blending
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] 10% opacity not applying on skins that add items to rt-click menu
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Crash when loading multiple files via Explorer context menu
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Remove Duplicate Entries action broken in pledit
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] %playcount% returning Comment on drag+drop from ML to pledit
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] Shift+Insert (New Playlist) and F1 (Help) keyboard shortcuts
    * Fixed: [in_cdda] CDDB crash when attempting to rip a CD in a 2nd instance of Winamp
    * Fixed: [in_flac] General FLAC Editor quirks (Comments field, Enter key, etc)
    * Fixed: [in_flac] 24bit files don't play when 'Allow 24bit' setting is disabled
    * Fixed: [in_mod] Fadeout value goes below 0.0 sec in in_mod config
    * Fixed: [in_mod] Interpolator 'division by zero' crash bug
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] Crash on some mp3's with corrupt ID3v2 extended headers (rare)
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] Crash on loading corrupt id3v2.3 tags of a later revision
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] Negative bitrate in File Info for long mp3's
    * Fixed: [in_mp4] Glitch when modifying metadata on playing track
    * Fixed: [in_mp4/libmp4v2] Memory leaks
    * Fixed: [in_wave/libsndfile] Crash on invalid .au files
    * Fixed: [in_wm] Garbage characters when editing filetypes in config
    * Fixed: [in_wm] Potential DRM lockup issue
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] 0 byte temp files not deleted after ripping
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] Double-click drive icon in Rip & Burn not selecting tree item
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] Crash when using in playlist filename generation
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] Drag+drop from Audio CD view to Playlist Editor
    * Fixed: [ml_local] (no album) items adding to Album count in Artist pane
    * Fixed: [ml_local] isempty and =0 queries now return same results
    * Fixed: [ml_local] Add dir to 'Watch Folders' path truncated to 64 characters
    * Fixed: [ml_pmp] Inserting extra period in filename when transcoding to mp4/aac
    * Fixed: [ml_pmp] Sending ansi-converted titles instead of Unicode
    * Fixed: [ml_pmp] Transfer caption building when Artist metadata is empty
    * Fixed: [ml_wire] Subscription Updates setting always resets to 'Never'
    * Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Potential incompatability issues with latest version of iTunes
    * Fixed: [pmp_p4s] 'Error In Insert' when transferring to some P4S devices
    * Fixed: [pmp_usb] Slow Winamp startup when external usb drive connected
    * Fixed: [vis_milk] Milkdrop DEP incompatibility
    * Misc: Winamp Remote is now an installer option (ml_orb.dll)
    * Misc: Moved drawing engine out of gen_ff to tataki.dll
    * Misc: Moved freetype font renderer out of gen_ff to freetype.wac
    * Misc: Removed deprecated .LNG Language file support
    * Misc: Removed db.w5s (replaced by new Gracenote database system)
    * Misc: Removed Station Info window and Prefs page
    * Misc: Removed unicows.lib/dll as we have officially dropped support for Win9x
    * Updated: Gracenote MusicID/CDDB v2.5
    * Updated: libpng 1.2.20
    * Updated: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus Encoder v8.1.0
    * Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v0.99.2
    * Updated: [in_flac] FLAC 1.2.1
    * Updated: [in_mp3] FhG Decoder v4.10
    * Updated: [in_vorbis] libvorbis 1.2.0

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    in your dreams
    hmm, looks good.

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    I've never liked Winamp, it was really buggy for me but i'll give a try...

    EDIT :

    Told ya this winampshit is a total mess, i'll stick to my VLC

    lol look @ the error messages already hahahaha

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    How could u stuck with VLC for music? Using 0.90B? IT has lots of bug.

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    wow.nice info

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    I love winamp. It has been my media player for over 2 years and I don't seem myself changing any time soon

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    i used winamp 5+ years ago, but all of a sudden my "on-board" sound stopped doing 5.1 audio so i stopped and started using wmp for my mp3's. now, vista uses 100% cpu usage in wmp for mp3's so i decided to try this out. i now have a sound card and my 5.1 works like a champ and only using 7% cpu. good times. thx. nullsoft!
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