Heeii is a very interesting adonn for your browser. While surfing the net, it shows pages that are like the ones you visit. So it's very easy to discover sites that could be of your interest.

Heei is released in Beta now.
From the developper:

What is heeii?
Because itís important to stay true to your passions or interests - whatever they may be - Heeii presents an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others by doing what you always do: Surf the Web. Itís as simple as that.

Simply surf the Web and our technology takes over, providing you with a list of top matches that will likely stir your interest. Not only is the process simple for you, but the results you get are much more accurate, because each Heeii user is contributing to your overall matching accuracy.

Heeii is fully based on implicit feedback. All you do is install the plugin, and continue using the web as you were used to. Heeii is literally able to predict what you may be interested in, based on how you are surfing the Web.

Whatís more, your profile can be compared to that of everyone else in Heeii. You will be able to find people with the same interests, without any extra effort. Just surf the Web.

Homepage: https://www.heeii.com/?q=true