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Thread: Help On Nes Emulator

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    there is a file under the games section of called "Nes Emulator for PSX" but i cant get it 2 download, does any1 have it or no of such a thing, i would love 2 b able 2 play my nes roms on my ps2(also, does it work 4 ps1 or ps2)im sick of playin roms w/ keyboard and just wonderin if any1 knows of an emu 4 the ps2 like that and how it works

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    I have seen a Kazaa hash for a file called "100 Nintendo Games for PSX", but I believe you would need a mod chip to play it in your Playstation. You can get it here if you want to try it...

    (I know I probably shouldn't post a link to a 'competing' website, but I thought that would be better than stealing their hashes and posting them here, especially since I haven't personally verified it.)

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    Yes you have to have a modchip to play it! However: IT RUNS REALLY FUCKING SLOW! AND 3/4 OF THE GAMES HAVE NO SOUND!

    I haven't tried playing it with ePSXe though, maybe it will work on there. Who knows, you could give it a shot and tell us about it!

    Yes you have to have a modchip to play it!  However: IT RUNS REALLY FUCKING SLOW!  AND 3/4 OF THE GAMES HAVE NO SOUND!


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