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Thread: Anyone See?

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    Anyone see yet League of Extrodinary Gentlemen?...what did you think worth seeing?

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    Is it even out yet? It certainely ain't out on the net anywhere yet and I just checked IMDB for it's cinema release dates around the world and in the US it out coming out till 11 July 2003 and telling by time difference I know Australia is a lot ahead of the U.S in time so it wouldn't be the 11th their yet. Or it would just be ticking over in the early morning so unless their are cinemas open at about 1 am in the morning and screening this film I don't think anyone would have seen it by now.

    Wow look at the release dates for it across the rest of the world . It ain't coming out till like 21 August here in Australia, ah well thank god for the internet a very good release of it will be out by that date at least a good quality centopry .

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    I saw and didn't think it was all cracked up too be. Alot of action but not alot of story. Pirates of the Carribean was way better IMO.


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