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    I am not even sure if this movie is out on DVD, but I can't find it on KaZaa.

    Kickass Taekwondo movie. I have the second one on DVD

    Whenever I type in Best of the Best all I get are porns, you know "BEST OF SO AND SO VOLUME 69"

    Any suggestions?


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    I can't find the first Best of the Best on DVD, but parts 2 and 3 are...

    I haven't seen either on kazaa, but I haven't looked to hard either.

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    The first was gr8... But the follow up were just plain shit..

    it's bin yaers since i seen Best of the Best, but at the end of the first 1 every 1 makes freids don't they - The good guys shake hands with the bad guys.. have i got that right or am I total wrong ...

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    I went ahead and bought the VHS from eBay, and man, that movie was bad... =] I don't remember it being that bad when I was a kid. It's good Taekwondo, though, it's cool to watch when you know the names of every move they do.

    Yeah, you're right, at the end all the Korean dudes give their medals to the USA guys. It's kind of touching...but other than that the flick is just bad

    I kind of thought Best of the Best 2 was really cool! Tommy Lee reminded me of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, with his black pants and funky haircut. Then he did that weird cartwheel kick which was just like one of Liu Kang's fatality, sans uppercut.

    Best of the Best 3 was shit


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