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Thread: Even Better Option To Not Use 56kers

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    or a type in-able ammount

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    that'd suk.. then there'd be less resources.. hey an extra 2kb/s or two isnt that bad when added to 100kb/s.

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    Yeah, OK. Then everyone on T3 could say No dsl, No 1mb cable, etc. We could make this real elitist and No one would get sources after a while.

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    someones got 2 dicks

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    Thats a stupid idea. Most 56K'ers don't share anyway.

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    Im a 56ker and i share.

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    You are NOT your connection speed!

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    Brent don t you relize that most of the user on kazaa are 56ker if you block them from downloading off of you because of their slow speed what would you think would happen if all the 56 ker had a program that can see what tpy connection you have and if it was a high speed connection block you from downloading off of them then you would have a really hard time finding file wouldn t you

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    every little bit counts

    and if u download from enough people you will still get a good speed

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    Before i got my new computer i had aol dialup with 900 songs.

    I left it on all weekend and mostly all weekdays while in school.

    I had so many uploads that were completed, not aborted.

    I shared 1 file, so thats 3Kb/s extra for some other cable user. It still counts

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