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Thread: Cant View Movie In Avi Preview

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    ok partially dl avi file, watched it and it went sweet, watch it a few more times as the dat file got bigger, then watched it once more and got sound but no picture, now the f**king thing wont play at all!
    it just freezes, the only way to close avi preview is through "the task manager" when it freezes it uses up 100% cpu usage.
    could it b the dat. file or is it the avi previewer?
    any ideas?

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    ok i figured it out, i recently installed kl codec pack.
    when i uninstalled that, i was able to view my downloads.
    but with no sound now just the picture lol if its not one thing its the other!
    i must of tampered with something in the codec pack?
    anyway i will install the codec pack again and see what happens

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    Use videolan instead it's a lot better than avi preview in most cases.


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