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Thread: Nero Causes Issues With My Cd-r

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    I am currently using the most recent version of Nero, and about 1/4 times that I attempt to burn a cd I have an issue. The disk starts to Burn (red Light flashes on the cd-r like it does when starting up normally) but The burning never gets past 2% and the red light on the drive turns orange. I push "cancel", but Nero stops responding. and my Cd-r won't stop trying to burn the cd so I have to manaully restart. when I take the Cd out, it has been partially burned on making it useless.

    I do not run into this issue when using oher burn programs (Fireburner) but I liek nero for its capabilities. I would really like to solve this issue and any help is appreciated.

    Byt the way my cd-r is a Lite-On LTR-16102B


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    Sounds more like a hardware issue.. U can try reinstalling Nero though.
    Sometimes CD Burners tend to mess up for some reason. My friend's started to become very slow all the sudden and just didnt even work after awhile.


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