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Thread: Vcd In Playstation 2

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    if i make a vcd will it be able to be played in a ps2?

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    yes if u get a mod chip but you cant play SVCD format.

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    I dont know if a modchip will work

    havn't I seen this thread before?

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    i heard that some newer psx cant be modified but the older ones can definitely be upgraded i make vcds for a friend of mine so he can watch them on psx. as far as i know svcd dont work.
    i'm pretty sure the whole vcd format is a brainchild of sony and all the cuts scenes-if they r filmed- you see on psx are vcd format.

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    Sorry i just realized this about ps2 not ps1 but in that case your in luck.

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    so a PSone with a mod chip can or cannot play vcds?

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