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Thread: "dancing Elcard" Problem

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    when you playback T3 "ctp-t3b" the centropy SVCD, does everyone have that "Dancing Elcard" and the text rolling across the screen telling you to register at ?

    1. I am not using this mpeg player made by them

    2. I need to know if everyone has it because if not, then it must be me.. how can I get rid of it? could it be my codec? I don't know..

    please help...

    I'm asking cuz I don't KNOW! geeze...

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    Get the latest version of the codec pack from Development.

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    I'll give it a shot... I'll let you know

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    the dancing elecard logo usually means your evaluation period is up and u nedd 2 pay, (when u get it from a dodgy site) u can get it free though. google search 4 elecard

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    didn't work...

    dewvelopment SAYS there's version 2.04 of the codec pack but all I can find is 2.03f

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    does everyone have an Elecard on the Terminator 3 Centropy SVCD rip???

    I need to know

    And I'm not using that player and I'm using the codec I got from the Klite packs

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    look at this site..

    the elecard IS from a codec from the Klite packs

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    OK.. I fixed the problem.. IT WAS ME..

    I found a way to fix it from:

    THANKS for all the help


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