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Thread: is there utorrent for linux ?

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    i like to rent a VPS, most of them working on linux (with win its mush more expensive)

    is there a utotrrne for linux?

    if the answer is yes, then from where i can download it?

    is it stable?

    i told that the linux work on a server is different, it work
    using kind of "dos" window, and not like 'windows' linux.

    what should i do and need to do? do i need to install
    'home' linux on linux server?
    what about a browser?

    it will be my first time using VPS, so i'll have to learn 2 things,
    working on\with VPS and linux.
    i'll need all the nformation about it and ur help too of course.

    if im in the wrong place, can someone please link me to the right place\forum.


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    utorrent will work with wine but it all depends on what software you have installed on your server.

    if you just want a torrent client to work over ssh try rtorrent

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    You should try the 'installing utorrent on leeware' guide...

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    If he had to ask this question, rtorrent would probably be a pain in the ass for him.
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    ctorrent is another good client

    As long as you're ok with the command line.

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    You can install uTorrent with Wine... Works fine

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    KTorrent is a clone of UTorrent for Linux.

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    Make sure you get a Debian or Ubuntu based Linux box if you are new. Even with yum, RedHat-based distros like Fedora, RHEL, or CentOS are a pain in the ass to install all the dependencies for Wine (like X, if you have a text-only VPS). Also be aware that most VPS boxes have screwed up source lists which make it difficult to add a lot of new software (like what is required by X)... some screwing around in config files is necessary which may not be good for a Linux newbie.

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    Yh, Ubuntu its very easy for noobs, but i prefer Slackware
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