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Thread: Blackcats

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    Is it just my imagination, or did the account limit just split itself in two? =/

    Also, has anyone actually gotten in without an invite? I continuously "check back again" as it suggests.

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    according to other posts, they have closed invites down until further notice for a looong time

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    Announcement: New Registration Closing Indefinitely!!

    I have decided that now is the time to close New Sign ups indefinitely.

    We do not have invites, and i very much doubt they will be coming back any time soon.

    So if you have an account now, and you like it here, then i suggest you try to keep it. as getting in from now on will be virtually impossible.

    The staff also scour invite/trading sites, and it we do catch anyone trading their account on these sites, they will be banned without any notice.

    Only reason i am sending this is so i don't go back on it tomorrow like i usually do.

    When we do open again, not even i know the answer to that, so please don't PM staff members, or spam the forums asking.



    Blackcats-games 2.2

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    changed to

    The current user account limit (25,000) has been reached. We are closed Indefinately, and there is also no Invites, Sorry...

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