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Thread: Windows Xp Pro The Fax About It

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    1. Is it trow that SP1 Fucks the 2600 Buld no mater what cd key u use?
    2. Is there a way arond it and i have tryed the KeyGen and it did not work.
    3. and where can sum one obtane The Windows XP Pro With SP1 inbult.
    4. and what is SP2 going to do to how XP Copys.
    5. is it mander tory to install SP1.
    6. and when is the newer Windows Coming out

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    1 - only if you try to use SP1a_en_x86 . SP1_en_x86 works fine .
    2 - You need to do a reg hack. I've posted it here several time before. once the reg is done, apply the SP1 and reboot. You are now legal and registered.
    3 - Just about anywhere you look now.
    4 - They may come up with even stronger measures to detect pirated keys when SP2 is released. At this point it's just some patches someone has thrown togwther. there is no official SP2
    5 - Only if you value security and privacy
    6 - 2005


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